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About RGWords : Rahul (RG) & Huma (HG) – Based in England, traveling and photographing around the world and sharing adventure with like minded people like you.

Like you, Travel is in our DNA!!

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RGWords Facts

Based in England

Travel worldwide

Loves vegetarian (Not Vegan)

Likes Road trip

Knows Photography

Make Digital Art

Meet RG

About RG RGWords Rahul

My name is Rahul Goyal but you can call me RG. My traveling started with fun filled vacations and long weekends. And soon I realised traveling is much more that. Now, I experience different cultures, foods and capture moments.

RGWords is focused on best destinations and travel ideas to enhance your next travel experience, tips to improve your landscape photography and connect better with nature. Also, join our weekly travel and photography newsletter.

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About RGWords Huma and Rahul RG

Meet HG

About RGWords Huma Travel Blogger

My name is Huma Goyal (HG). My day revolves around TechWorld during the daytime and becoming a travel writer by night. I did Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India & work full-time as a Researcher in control engineering, battery technology, and renewable & sustainable technology.

Along with RG, in the last 12 years, we have traveled to over 25 countries and lived in some countries for a long time as well over the years. So, my enthusiasm to share about every corner of the world made me a travel storyteller. I am a partner and editor in RGWords.

Web : humagoyal.com

What Next At RGWords

We both work full-time, but the rest of the time, we plan travel itineraries, draw road trip maps, and learn new photography techniques.

After years of traveling, our love for countryside places, beautiful landscapes, and true nature have increased.
We like to explore hidden places, the same places in different seasons and extreme weather.

If travel and photography are something you are interested in, want to know hidden places to travel, and editing techniques to learn or do business with blogging.

Join journey with Rahul (RG) & Huma (HG).

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