Landscape Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Landscape Photography
Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

We love landscape, nature and photography. Now a days we all have at least mobile camera in a hand, which is also good to start photography. Now and then I come across common questions related to landscape photography, camera and lens. So, I listed landscape photography related frequently asked questions. This landscape photography FAQ will help you to get started.

What is landscape photography

Landscape photography is another form art of capturing pictures of nature, mountains, sea, sky and the outdoors in a way that brings your viewer into the scene like they are witnessing from their own eyes. Landscape photography is form to present 3D world into 2D paper or in digital form.

How to Focus in Landscape Photos

There are various method to decide where to focus in landscape photography. Most common methods are Double the distance, hyperfocal distance, infinity focus, point focus and merge. Also, now a days auto focus in most of DSLR and mirror less camera are good to decide where to focus.

Why landscape photography is important

Landscape photography broaden the perspective of both photographer and viewer to see space or corner of the world in a artistic way otherwise it can be ignored by others. Landscape photographers compose image with balance in all direction to indulge viewer into the scene.

What Focal Length Is Best for Landscape Photography

There are hundreds of lens from each camera manufacturer to offer based on specific focal length, in-body stabilization, glass quality, aperture value etc. The most used landscape photography focal lengths are 16-35mm (wide angle) & 100-400 (zoom). You can sign up for our newsletter to get best recommendation every month.

What type of filters for landscape photography?

There are mainly 3 filters that professional landscape photographers recommend and use most –

  • Neutral Density (ND) graduated filters
  • Circular Polarising filters
  • Solid Neutral Density (ND) filters

Why do I need camera lens hood?

There are two primary goals of lens hoods,

  1. Shade the direct light falling across the lens front element
  2. Physical Protection to the lens

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